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InnoTrans 2016, Berlin

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Vince Website editor

Is anyone visiting InnoTrans this year?

I see Rail Products have a couple of their ART17TH MEWPs on display, a trailer, and their new TH21crane. photos.

Anything else?

If anyone could post a list of machines or even upload a few photos, that would be great. Thanks!

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Alex Betteney

A list of machines was posted on Midland Wagons earlier this week.

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Vince Website editor

Thanks to Paul M, we have a few photos from the show...

  • Thumbnail kvb-robel-6311-1
  • Thumbnail windhoff-wintrack-2-2-50l-1
  • Thumbnail db-netz-705-102-1
  • Thumbnail db-kirow-krc910-733-001-1

  • Thumbnail linsinger-t7-41-99809-427011-8-1
  • Thumbnail linsinger-mg11-1
  • Thumbnail schweerbau-high-speed-milling-machine-hsm-1
  • Thumbnail schweerbau-mevert-95-0-01-of-2012-1

  • Thumbnail s-c-tilt-wagon-99819-358013-6-1

  • Thumbnail inge-eurailscout-sim-10-1
  • Thumbnail mecnoservice-td19-pt03-1

  • Thumbnail db-unimog-u423-v244098-1
  • Thumbnail zkm-zweiweg-unimog-u423-7524-1
  • Thumbnail zwiehoff-unimog-u423-241014-1
  • Thumbnail rosenheim-u1100-unimog-019280-1
  • Thumbnail db-unimog-u423-v242307-1

  • Thumbnail france-elevateur-4axe-g9936-019-1
  • Thumbnail sncf-infra-11-082-4292-1
  • Thumbnail rail-products-manitou-art17th-uid-1
  • Thumbnail rail-products-manitou-art17th-uid-2

  • Thumbnail lhb-liebherr-922-99809-903526-8-1

  • Thumbnail hydrema-912zw-99809-906023-3-1
  • Thumbnail hydrema-912zw-11122-of-2016-1

  • Thumbnail zweiweg-toyota-dh-045-sf-1

  • Thumbnail gos-t5025-1-g-9783-142-1
  • Thumbnail gos-t5020-1-g-9783-135-1
  • Thumbnail zweiweg-2835-of-2016-1

  • Thumbnail windoff-50000309-60-of-2016-1

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