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Rail Live 2018

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Vince Website editor

Tomrrow and Thursday see the return of the hugely successful "Rail Live" show at Long Marston.

It looks like there'll be a few interesting exhibits and new names in the rail plant industry.

This year expands a lot on the usual plant show of previous years. A Vivarail Battery D-Train, Porterbrook Flex cl.769 (ex 319), Bombardier Crossrail cl.345, DRS cl.88 and Network Rail Plain Line Pattern Recognition train are amongst the exhibits. A special visitor train is being run from Paddington using Network Rail's recently rebuilt class 73/9s (it's not known whether these will be on display after working in).

Inbound Workings

A few interesting inward movements have appeared on RTT, presumably for various exhibits. More may pop up at short notice...

Litchurch Lane (class 345?)

Derby RTC (NR test train?)

Crewe DRS depot (class 88?)


As per previous years, I've compiled a page with sightings of all vehicles on display. You can then use this page to see photos and quickly add your own sightings...

Rail Live 2018

(The page is a bit empty at the moment, obviously)

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ashford steve

are there many people on here going to Rail Live 2018 ?? im there tomorrow ;-)

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Ben Williams Editor

I suspect quite a few here will be going. Im just going in!

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Vince Website editor

Righteo, the special sightings page is hopefully complete. You can use this to tick/log what you saw (and help keep location names consistent).


Think we've got everything on there, with the exception of...

Two McCulloch TRTs for export.

Aquarius Mule for export.

Railcare support wagon.

Good to see so many people about yesterday!

Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor

It was good to see so many OTP contributors at yesterday's show.

For completeness I noted a couple of additional Geismar items which don't appear to be listed but might be considered outside the scope:

Geismar HB8 AC Clipper H103802 246(2018)

Geismar 1T Self-Propelled Aluminium Trailer CAD 15-T 124

Did anyone manage to get the serial numbers of any of the equipment for export, namely the 2 x McCulloch TRTs for export to America and the Aquarius Mule?

Lastly any further information about the serial numbers of the Webb Ballast Undercutter and the Neotec 400C Skyrailer would be appreciated

Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley

Now added Aquarius Mule to site

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Dennis Graham

The three Pro Rail trailers were seen this afternoon travelling southbound on M1 past junction 16.

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