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RailWorx exhibition - 11-13 June 2019

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A new trade show is being held on 11-13 June at the East Of England Arena, near Peterborough

RailWorx is an extension of previous "PlantWorx" exhibitions with a bit more focus on rail plant. Not sure if there'll be any larger OTMs present as the site isn't rail connected, but there will almost certainly be some RRVs on display.

More info can be found at https://www.railworx.co.uk/

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Alex Betteney

As one of several visitors to the rather damp environs of Railworx/Plantworx 2019 exhibition, I thought I'd take the opportunity to list the vehicles of railway interest on site. Unfortunately the railway exhibitors were rather lacking and, probably due to the weather, some hadn't turned up. Present were :

Van Elle VER018 99709 911346-3 Colmar T10000FSCG crawler with telescopic crane

Van Elle VER016 99709 940876-4 Colmar T12000FS

Strata Geotechnics 001 99709 977051-0 AE68 AWF Unimog U423 VE-MOG Drilling System

Geismar PPT-1 #253/2019 (didn't appear to have motor fitted) [Not on website]

Berende LH-05 'JAN' Liebherr A918 #WLHZ1508TZK102743/2018 conv Nijhuis #19.160.329/2019 [Not on website]

Quattro 99709 001074-02 Thomson fastclipper (no works number) [Not on website]

TXM 6926 99709 940702-2 Liebherr A900 CZW

Quattro 462 (99709 940323-7) Komatsu PW170ES Superailer

EP Industries 99709 010550-1 Chieftain 5m trailer #RT1018

EP Industries 99709 010554-2 Chieftain 5m trailer #RT1020

Promax PB10908 RR14 EVO-2/400 Hybrid Lithium battery #PB10908/2019 [Not on website]

Force One F10101 99709 911342-2 Doosan DX140LCR-5

Force One F10102 99709 020156-4 GOS T7040AAS trailer

Force One F10103 99709 020157-2 GOS T5020HAS trailer

A.P. Webb RAIL 083 99709 910124-5 Atlas RA300 #181S301298

Sadly that was it for the rail exhibits.

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In a similer vein to the Rail Live page, I've created a page for this event so people can log their sightings if they went.

Rail Worx 2019

It looked like miserable weather, but if anyone has any photos to fill in the gaps then please feel free to upload. Thanks!

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