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Balfour Beatty NTC YouTube uploads from 2010

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Jeffray Wotherspoon

I've just joined ontrackplant and to make a modest contibution here are YouTube links for my uploads of the Balfour Beatty NTC (which I nickname the 'Snark' :-) track-laying on the A2B project in central Scotland in 2010, and also being towed back to the A2B project after a layover in Glasgow. Alas I don't know which NTC was used on the project, but as far as I know all the videos are of the same one. Enjoy!

Snark In Action!

Snark In Transit! Part 1 - Starting Out From Mossend Yard

Snark In Transit! Part 2 -Heading East At Mossend

Snark In Transit! Part 3 -Passing Newcraighall

Snark Up Close & Busy! (Full Version)

NB For anyone who feels like browsing my other uploads I should warn you that the last of the videos linked above also exists on my channel as four separate clips with similar titles that were live long before I got Youtube editing to work to 'weld' them together. But if you want to watch the same material twice... :-)