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N.I.Railways, (Translink.)

Dave Hudson

Dave Hudson

Visit made to N.I.Railways (Translink) Ballymena, P/Way Depot, on the 26-6-2014. Two new COLMAR T2400FS R/R. vehicles on site , serial numbers 8661 / 8662. no RIV numbers or Fleet numbers yet carried. Also on site two Chieftain Road Rail Trailers, RT00779 with fleet number RRT3, and RT00780 no fleet number found. Also Five Track Machines.

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CARS visited on 05/04/15 and found RRT3, another similar which was UID & 2 more freshly painted Cheiftain trailers. We saw a number of UID Cheiftain trailers on our travels, including 1 at Lisburn Yard & 1 at Adelaide Yard. Of course we didn't get close enough to inspect any of them on this occasion.

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