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Rail bridge cracks: Ballast replacement train investigated

Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

From the BBC Essex webpage


In the article it mentions that a Ballast Cleaner was working over the bridge and may have caused damage to the bridge.

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Thanks for sharing that Brian. Is the linked story "meet the ballast cleaner" any good?


I've not got sound etc.. on my pc, but may make an effort if theres anything of interest.



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Scott Bradley

The bridge involved was Blunts Hall Road, number UB174. Understood that whilst BCS3 didn't make physical contact with UB174 the resultant ballast pressure caused failure of the bridge. DR76502 was the culprit.



Tommy this was caused by BCS2, DR76501. BCS3 is currently based out of Tyne yard, BCS2 is in Parkeston. The damage was due to a lack of relief a trench having been dug prior to the ballast cleaner passing over.

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