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Finding machine on Ontrackplant through its type



Is it possible to find on Ontrackplant machines by they manufacturer's type ?

Like, for instance, Plasser MFD or MATISA R7 (this one becoming a very rare machine by now).

Many Thanks


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I find the search function will work ok for types, names etc... as well as numbers.

For instance typing MFS or MFS-D into the search box brings up some examples, and there is a little blue bar at the bottom saying "view more results" you can click on for the long list.

The other way of doing it is by going into a record of a vehicle of the type you are looking for. E.g. DR92267.

Once in that record, there are a number of clickable links which are in blue text., If you click on one of those it will open a list.

So clicking on "Network Rail" gives a list of all wagons they own (that are relevant) to this site.

Clicking on "Plasser & Theurer MFS-D Hopper Wagon" opens a page of just that type.

Hope this is what you were after.



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