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Chas. Tallis

Chas. Tallis

ID please No. 99 70 9124 001-7

Chas. Tallis

Chas. Tallis

Found it listed...................Doh!!

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Ben Williams Editor

Has it been a long day, Chas?! ?

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Vince Website editor

Seems like a good opportunity to remind members both old & new of how to find things:

The "names" section has a list of all (?) named machines ordered alphabetically.

The "RIV numbers" section lists all numbers, grouped by general number category.

Searching for a number, in this case just the 124001 part will find it**

As this machine has a name, searching for all/part of the name should also find it.


** on the back of this topic, I can see some particular searches don't bring up the exact result, such as searching for the number as displayed on the machine - "99 70 9124 001" - I will look into fixing this when time allows.

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