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Lerpass Mapter

Lerpass Mapter

Not sure where to post this, but as an old machine, maybe here?

At the Plant Show, did anyone have a look at the Matisa Tamper based on a Ford Lorry (or was it a Bedford)?

This was on a Territorial Army Stand, was it the Hofa/K G J price machine?

Tried to ask the guy in army clothing on the stand but he didn't want to talk much.

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Vince Website editor

The one at Long Marston was a Wickham/Ford 1313/Matisa B.RRT2 Tamper "08CP05" and has recently been based at Kineton. This is slightly different to the KGJ Price one ("A241UVV") which is an S&C variant.

There were two more similar vehicles delivered to the MoD - "08CP07" which has now been scrapped; and a "08CP06" - does anyone know if this since became A241UVV?

Lerpass Mapter

Lerpass Mapter

Many thanks Vince, I thought it was a one-off, didn't realize a few had been produced. Do you know if it actually does any work?

As I say, a bit miffed the chap on the stand didn't appear to be interested in it, despite the appearance that someone had spent some time to make it look presentable and in fair working order.

Roy Hennefer

Roy Hennefer

You must have been unlucky - the man I spoke with was very helpful and friendly. It still does work at various locations.

08CP05/6/7 were supplied by Wickham to their works #s11618/19/20 for more details refer to The Wickham Works List by Keith Gunner & Mike Kennard. 08CP05 still carries its Wickham Works plate. The other two have been scrapped.

A241UVV is not one of these three vehicles.

Bryan Blundell

Bryan Blundell

Just for info.

The reg plate is a military one.

With the CP actually referring to the fact that the machine is classed as being "Construction Plant"

Similar plates exist on Rollers and other single purpose vehicles.

Numbers denote nothing other than as a numeric indicator.

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