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Phil Scott

Phil Scott

In additional to the recently added AP Webb road-railer 051 and trailer TR6, there are several other unidentified OTP items at the Helston Railway.

These include;

A Wickham trailer - this apparently ex-West Somerset Railway.

Another AP Webb trailer - the photo I took doesn't show the number clearly enough, but it looks like the number might be welded/etched onto the tow bar. It could be TR3 or TR5, possibly followed by another digit.

Can anyone supply the missing numbers for these?

Phil Scott

Phil Scott

Just thought I would bump this topic, in case anyone has any updates. I have also uploaded a photo of the unidentified AP Webb trailer.

Perhaps if anyone is planning to visit the Helston Railway this year, they could investigate whilst there?

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Ben Williams Editor

I'm nearby this week but not sure how accessible it is whilst it is closed to the public... ?

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When I went there a few years ago, it was an organised visit, but...

We went under a railway bridge and turned left up the access road. This led to where we parked, and the road railer was there.

We then had to walk over the bridge to the station, which was a short distance away and where most of the stock was kept in a single line.

The trailer was right down the far end of the line.

We walked along the line, or trackbed at all times. I don't recall any obvious other public vantage points, but I wasn't looking for any.

I don't know if you would get up the access Road to where the car park is. I've a feeling there may have been a gate at the bottom, but not 100% sure.

Hopefully someone else has been there recently and may be able to assist further.



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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Chris

I just went to have a look. There's a gate to the station at Prospidnick as you described with signs about police and cctv so I didn't go in there but could see RRV in distance from here.

However I got a better view of this and the small trailer (currently upside down) from adjacent field. Still no closer to positive ID though sadly.

011283 was under the bridge at Truthall Halt.

Wickham I expect is locked away somewhere.

Looking at Google maps I think other stock I didn't see is at a site midway between the two ends. I think this is Trevarno.

I may go and have another look in next few days...

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Ben Williams Editor

I should add that there is also a trailer near the car park that has a wooden frame and metal wheels in the style of Wickham but I am told this is not a Wickham trailer. Photo available if needed.

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