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MEWP 99709 902019-7 Permaquip Aviemore

Laurence Grant

Laurence Grant


here at Aviemore we have a MEWP 99709 902019-7 by Permaquip. We are having issues with the electric interlocking, particularly of the side extension platform in the raised position. The electrical cabinets are marked group services. I am hopeful someone has a wiring diagram for this type of machine that they could let us have a copy of - we want to get the machine sorted out ready for its next insurance inspection later this month or June.

If anyone is interested in getting involved in maintaining our OTP please let me know.

many thanks


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Martin Foster

hi Laurence

That would be ex jarvis machine Plo81, these machine were modified by LH Group at Barton under needlewood ( now part of Wabtec)in the early 2002 there are some drawing around but the wiring is pretty simple.

If the machine has been stood for a while what normally happens is that the locking solenoid for the cantilever sticks and does not release, it is mounted under the platform floor.

I f you drop me an email i will send you the full operating instruction.

Martin foster

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Martin Foster

Hi Laurence

Just noticed i put an incorrect email address, it should be

Please email me and i will pass on all i know about these machines.


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