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OTP at Keith Dufftown Railway

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

I visited here on 17th August and the situation is as follows:

There are, in fact, 3 Fairmont Speeders here. The only one listed on the website is Car 1 and this was in the shed under repair. Car 3 was outside, at the end of the platform, next to the buffet / tea shop which is ex-electrification coach 975758. Cars 1 and 3 are owned by the railway.

Car 2 is in a shed which was opened up for me and is privately owned.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get build numbers for 2 or 3. Car 2 was under major repair with nothing on the "dashboard", that for Car 3 is on its "dashboard" but too small to read when peering in.

The Akerman H3MB was not seen and presumed to have left. I wish I'd asked about it but it certainly wasn't at Dufftown as I was shown into the repair shed and all of the yard was clearly visible.

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Thanks we'll add the other two.

Could the Akerman be down the line? Not been there so can't comment really!

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Sorry, should also have said that I traveled the line to the K&DR station at Keith Town which is (sadly) just under half a mile short of the NR limit at Keith and just over half a mile from Keith National Rail. No sign of the Akerman on that trip, nor are there any sheds it could be in along the way. I think it unlikely it would be between the 2 Keith stations as that stretch is getting lost in undergrowth with NR wanting a large sum of money which the railway doesn't have to re-connect the 2 stubs.

Brian Stanway

Brian Stanway

Andrew - When i visited back in 2016 the Akerman was OOU, i'm pretty certain that they were trying to find a replacement engine for it. It was parked up near the station car park you wouldn't have missed it.

Roger Harris

Roger Harris

The builders number for Car 2 is still unknown, but the number for Car 3 is 252180.

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Vince Website editor

I've added records for

Car 2 - http://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/speeder-2xxxxx

Car 3 - http://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/speeder-252180

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Thanks. They still need to show up in the lists of Speeders and for the KDR.

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Alex Betteney

To add onto the K&DR Fairmont's, a further three exist, at one time all at Statfold Barn Railway :

14/03 2705-A9 Fairmont 252319

CN 168-31 Fairmont (w/n unknown) - currently off site

Fairmont (carries engine No.114866) - currently at a private site in Tamworth



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