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Preserved road-railer additions

Phil Scott

Phil Scott

I believe there are two further additions to ranks of the preserved road-railers

Firstly a trackmobile PQ364 at the Keith & Dufftown Railway:

Secondly, another trackmobile at Mangapp's Railway Museum: (click on other)

Perhaps these are beyond the scope of this website, which is why they aren't already added?

Vince avatar

Vince Website editor

Whilst they do have road wheels, rail wheels and are generally yellow, we have decided that these are beyond the scope of the site.

(Cue Ben complaining about that JCB FastTrac shunter thing that is listed :)

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Indeed. There is one at Colne Valley too. But not for this website :-)

Lee Taylor

Lee Taylor

Not forgetting a further one at the East Lancs Railway

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