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Nick Tompkin

A visit today has thrown up a number of changes here.

Firstly, although I didn't see it myself, being locked in a shed, the railway has a third Geismar Mini 4/4 trolley. A picture on Facebook from the end of May shows three Mini 4/4's plus three trailers in a line. Whilst this needs confirming, given the previously reported arrival of 011607 at the Spa Valley, I strongly suspect that the additional Mini 4/4 is M44/072 latterly reported at the Bluebell. I was also told that the third machine may have been a mixture of others, which also leans towards this given NR Horsham donated M44/071 and M44/073 also to the Bluebell, with the intention of one operational machine being salvageable I understand.

I was also informed that only one type of trolley is now operated. I was advised that the pair of Lesmac's had become impossible to source parts for and departed some time ago, possibly for scrap. I also suspect that 011199 may well have gone the same way at the same time.

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