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Strathspey arrivals and queries

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks to Dan and Roger for recent comments and sightings. It appears there has been quite an influx of arrivals here lately!








Ego4 trailers







Lesmac trailer


I will update website shortly.

A few queries over some of the older residents

The red Atlas 1204 last seen 2013

Slewer 62211 last seen 2015

Ego 5 901026 last seen 2013

If anyone knows anything please let us know.

Roger Harris

Roger Harris

The problem with finding anything out for sure at the Strathspey Railway, is finding somebody there who has an interest in the small plant, and actually finding anybody there. We visited last week, and could not find a single person at the sheds at Aviemore, or the main yard at Boat of Garten, and the shed the other side of the road where most of the small plant is kept has never been open in the last nine years the line has been visited, and the station at Broomhill only had someone in the bookshop who could not help. This is not meant to be critical of the Strathspey, as nobody could be found at the Caledonian Railway at Brechin, to help with the Ballast Packers, and a visit to Bridge of Dun found a less than helpful volunteer who really was not that interested in helping out with our enquiries about the small plant. Sorry I can't be more helpful, maybe better luck next year.

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Ben Williams Editor

Thanks Roger. Yes the main yard at Boat of Garten was deserted when I visited last month. Of course I missed the other yard opposite... but we don't talk about that any more!

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Dennis Graham

Was it a running day you visited. If so extremely unusual not to find anyone around except in small yard at Boat.

As a regular visitor who was born north of the border have never found a Marie Celeste situation in day time in the summer.

Reception has varied from hostile (a while ago) to total helpfulness more recently and met someone who was au fait with small plant.

Interested to hear about new arrivals. Need another visit though may have to wait as just been home a couple of months ago.

Brechin is another story altogether.

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

A couple of answers, kindly provided by the operations manager for the line who I've been messaging on and off for the past few months prior to my visit in May.

He tells me that the Atlas was sold to a farmer near Brechin, and he believes it sees use on the farm. The reason for the sale was that the 'requirements of of the insurance inspector made it not viable for use on the railway.'

He says the EGO5 was scrapped sometime before the latest ones arrived.

He also told me that there's currently only one operational ballast packer - two are just shells and the third will provide spares to keep the operational one...operational!

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