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Nick Tompkin

Following a day of touristy bits, I popped up to the Telford Steam Railway yesterday evening - and found an influx of new OTP. Although I was hindered by the railway being locked up, plus a rather unenthusiastic Mrs T in the car, from personal observations and the railways excellent website the following additional items are now present:

Ex TXM Plant - Kobelco 4642 (which now is branded for the Telford Steam Railway) plus a trailer, which from a damaged RIV sticker I am 98% sure is former RT239, in acquired condition.

Ex Track Recovery Services - the Geismar KGT (4361) and the Yanmar B45 both in as acquired yellow/green.

Also, parked by the gates were three Permaquip Type B trailers, one flatbed and two personnel carriers. One of the personnel carriers carries a 2013 RIV date and the second carries VP Torrent Trackside stickers on the chair backs. These all arrived on or around 18th July with a Muscleman, and I believe all these are also ex Track Recovery Services. The Muscleman appears to be the seatless example, full details of which have not been established. I could not confirm the identity of the three trailers however and if any one is able to it would be appreciated.

Also, the website references works on a road/rail dumper in one news piece. Photos elsewhere however suggest this is a civils machine as opposed to being a roadrailer.

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Alex Betteney

From the IRS, c/o Gas Hill, Graham Marsh has retired with the plant at Elsemere Port having been sold/preserved. Presumably Telford has been a location where some of Graham's machines have gone, along with the Tanat Valley Rly. Some have moved to other contractors.

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