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The Rail Trolley Trust - Launch Announcement

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Jonathan Flood

The Trust formed as a Company almost two years ago, to provide a formal structure for the collection of Trolleys that had been built up, over the previous eight years.

The Trust has always wanted to have the collection on public display and in use, and with plans now in place to do so, it has been decided that it is the right time to go public.

The Trust will be looking for volunteers and will also be looking at fundraising, grants etc. and plans to register for charitable status within the next twelve months.

Over the last two years the Trust has built up an excellent relationship with The Chasewater Railway and after recent site meetings, we have agreed to build our first base in part of the sidings area of Chasewater Heaths Station Yard.

The initial focus will be on carrying out the necessary ground-works, to enable us to move a 40ft container onto site. Once the container is on site, we will move a number of our vehicles from our long-term store, to the Heaths.

Alongside these plans, the Trust has also loaned out a number of our other vehicles to other preserved railway lines in the UK. This has seen them all undergoing restoration and some are now back in regular use.

We have both a Facebook Group ( and a Flickr Group ( which were created over 3 years ago, but now we are proud to launch are own website, which can be found here

If you are interested in being involved or want to know more about the Trust, our fleet and our plans, please contact us through the website.

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