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Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

Went passed today and in the down sidings where HNRC depot is, as well as the two road railers that are listed there were two trailers coupled to the Megarailer and it looks like they are used to move bogie frames about.

Over in the Up Yard where the Stoneblowers are stored there was at least one road railer that had Quattro stickers on it, the rear had a big black label that looks like the new owners name on? As I was on a train to Nottingham I was too far away to ID it.

Does anybody know the two trailers and the other RR is I saw?

Nick Tompkin avatar

Nick Tompkin

Jarrod, one of the trailers is definitely ex TXM RT249. The second is unconfirmed but may be ex TXM RT201 which went missing around the same time as RT249. Can anyone confirm this?

The RRV is 940412 of Lampitt Rail Services. I saw a photo of this the other day and as you state it retains Quattro branding on the side, by Lampitt branding on the black label you mention.

Jarrod Barker

Jarrod Barker

Hello Nick thankyou for the information.

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