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Moreton Cutting near didcot

wayne allsopp

wayne allsopp

Hi all can anyone please help me. I will be going to didcot in a couple of weeks and was hoping to go to Moreton cutting but am unsure as to where or how far it is from didcot station.

All help is gratefully received

Many thanks


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Ben Williams Editor

Hi Wayne. Yard is east of Didcot on the north side of railway. You'll see some from train but unless you have a car it's a fairly long walk - and one that doesn't have pavement in parts. If you are in car there is a lay-by near new road bridge. You can see a lot from this bridge but if you want more it's a case of walking edge of muddy fields either side! Doing this you'll pretty much see everything.

There's also a farm track further east that has a bridge over the line at the opposite end of yard so starting there (in car) is another option but probably more walking along edge of fields from here...

wayne allsopp

wayne allsopp

Thanks Mr Ben Williams,

I'll hopefully have a look when I'm that way in a couple of weeks

Appreciate the time for your response

Wayne Allsopp

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