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New Depot for TXM

Martin Lear

Martin Lear

I went to the TXM depot at Halfway today (30/4/23) to find that they had almost finished clearing it out, The only things left were the Nissen type shed and 6576 completing the ground clearance. Fortunately, the Logistics manager was on site and let me know the address of the new depot they moved to in Andover. I went to the new depot in Andover after. See my sightings for what was there.

The address of the new depot is:

Plot 47/48,

Walworth Business Park,

South Way,



SP10 5AG

The manager is Barry West and he was happy for me to post this info. The guys are welcoming to enthusiasts as normal

Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley

This information is also on their website quoting postcode SP10 5AF.

Martin Lear

Martin Lear

Hi Paul

Thanks for the info

I could not find any info of the new depot on TXM's website, hence posting the address here.

I used SP10 5AG yesterday and my sat nav took me right to the door. Having said that it looks like both 5AG and 5AF will work fine



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