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'011024' trailer at Elmec Solutions

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Greg Hartle

Hi there, I recently visited their workshops and spotted a trailer with this identification, but on a small metal plate rather than the usual yellow RIV sticker along the edge.I can't seem to trace it on the site? It had another full number 99709 xxxxxx-x along the side which was hardly readable, sort of scrubbed out...but I didn't take much notice as I thought the metal plate was probably it's new one.Something like 011256...?

Or, could it be 011204 instead mistakenly??

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Vince Website editor

I think at some point in the past, half of each 01102x were joined together, and subsequently renumbered 01122x

011223-3 was once 011024-5 and 011026-0...


011225-8 was once 011024-5 and 011026-0...


011225 has been reported by some correspondents at Elmec

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Greg Hartle

Just spoke to Adey there at Elmec, confirmed as 011225-8...Cheers for your help Vince



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Ben Williams Editor

As per my other comment I read the yellow label as 011223 with 011024 on both grey axle plates... So it looks like both 011024s have been put together at some point? And 011225 may have both 011026s? I was going to return and take a photo but forgot!

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