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There are 2 or 3 AP Webb machines at the far (London) end of the yard.

Unusual for this area by my reckoning.

Couldn't get any IDs, unless I get lucky when I look at my photos on the big screen.

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I've been able to confirm that 1 of the 2 machines is Rail050.

the other remains uid.

I was told by one of the yard staff they are likely to be there some while, and should be involved in the building of platform 1 at Bristol Parkway. The work is due to commence early August apparently.

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Apologies if this appears twice - I appear to have confused matters by naming my new topic the same as a previous one!

I had a brief visit today - Sunday 26/11/17.

There appears to be a possible anomaly from yesterday, in that trailer TRS333 was reported here & also at Birmingham International.

Unfortunately I was unable to identify either of the trailers with machine TRS 761. It was just too far away for the number to be clear on my photo.

I was also able to identify ballast brush Webb 8, to the rear of machines 71 and 72. Next to the ballast brush were 2 Webb trailers, the bottom one being TR48.

A further trailer is at the top end of the compound on the yard side UID.

Trailer RRC07 was in the taxi overflow area of the car park near the west road entrance.

Lastly, DR73907 was in the yard having some repairs done.

Hope this is of use


A J Gaze

A J Gaze

There is a collection of Road - Rail equipment gathering at Bristol Parkway ready for the engineering works over Xmas.

Saw TS11 and TS15, unable to identify others as a freight train was in the way.

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