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Dumper R/R vehicle at LH Group, Burton

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Greg Hartle

Hi there, now I've noticed this vehicle from a passing train for quite possibly years now....it's located towards the entrance of the site (towards Central Rivers depot basically) and is on the small stretch of track next to the entrance drive...

Can anyone identify this vehicle please?




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Ben Williams Editor

Interesting... I can't help with identity but the test track is visible from the access road to the fishing lake opposite.

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Greg Hartle

Ahh right....well it's at the end of it where it curves off, going away towards the industrial estate entrance, so you only really see the back of it when passing on a train, which is frustrating.I remember there used to be a few of them all next to each other, but only seems to be this one now..

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Vince Website editor

Is it definitely RR?

Could it be one of the dumpers of "Bell" who are based on the same estate?


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Greg Hartle

Good point raised there Vince, I took a look at their website and you could be right, I may have to give them a call to enquire.Thing is though, why would the dumped be on the track section? I'm sure I spotted some rail wheels on it though, could be wrong you go past so quick it's hard to judge for certain.

Either way, the vehicle is definitely parked on the track section..

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