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Elizabeth Line infrastucture Machines.

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anthony barton

28/3/19. At West Ealing Plasser depot, there were a number of Elizabeth Line infrastructure vehicles, would anybody have any idea what they are? Thank You.

RRV Cowboy

RRV Cowboy

Delete if not allowed but there is info at this link


They are the fleet of engineering / maintenance trains for the Elizabeth line when its opens

They will be based at plumstead along side the linsinger milling train

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Ben Williams Editor

Should be 97509, 97510, 97511, 97512, 92944 and 92946. Believe the final vehicle 92945 is at Derby but may have moved by now...

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Richard P

There's a Elizabeth Line MMU in Tonbridge West Yard, Came down on 6Z82 Reading to Tonbridge West Yard on 26/09

Any one know the number?

Thank you

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ashford steve

97509 92945 97511

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