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Hope everyone is well.

Wondered if anyone may be able to help with a couple of trailers seen at Hereford NR depot please? I seem to have recorded them wrongly, and I am unable to see the numbers in my photos.

Near the gate was mini 4-4 901178-2.

Then trailer 011640-8.

Those 2 seem ok.

Next was a trailer with no sides. I recorded BT101 and 011611-2.

Next was a trailer with 1 plank sides. I recorded 011634-3. I can add that the sticker with certification seems to give an expiry date of 14/10/2016 or 2018.

I saw 011634-1 at Hitchen and can rule that out. The photo of 011534-3 doesn't seem to match. 011611 seems based on the Isle of Wight, so very unlikely I'd guess.

011641 and 011664 have been reported there, but it seems rather a leap from what I recorded to suggest it was them.

Any help identifying these appreciated please.


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Ben Williams Editor

Hi Chris

Fairly certain the one you noted as 011611 will be 011641 and the one you noted 011634 will be 011664.

I don't think the numbers are that clear.

Paul Moseley

Paul Moseley

Yes I would agree with that’s not the best of viewing angles from the fence line at Hereford NR depot.

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Thanks Ben and Paul for your responses. I will add sightings for 641 and 664.

Hopefully I will be able to go to Specsavers sooner rather than later!!

Best wishes


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