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Mini 4-4s and trailers at the Spa Valley

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Does anyone happen to know the identity of the third mini 4-4 that's at the Spa Valley Railway please? Recent sightings only yield two, 901125 and 901126. Additionally, and a long shot, but does anyone (maybe a volunteer there if you're reading this) know which specific items are where please? All three mini 4-4s had numbers that had completely faded to white, as did the two trailers I saw. Unfortunately this means that one of them is *either* 011575 or 011576, but obviously, I'd like to know which!

Thanks to anyone that can help!

(there was also an 0116xx trailer at Cowden on the main line, but this didn't seem to have any visible numbers on the end and side that I could see...)

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