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Neotecs at Crossrail Westbourne Park

Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell


There were 4 Neotec road railers parked there 30/09/2016 at 4pm.

One I'd was QUATTRO 936. ANY HELP WITH THE OTHER 3 much appreciated.


Ted Knotwell

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Hi Ted,

On 29/9 I noticed the Quattro one in the morning & evening, plus 3 others in the evening, but I've assumed their identities as per the sightings of the 3 crossrail ones that have been added to the site.

Crossrail (99709 912215 9) - view

Crossrail (99709 912213 4) - view

Crossrail (99709 912214 2) - view

It may be of interest to you that there was a McCulloch machine by the 2 TXM lifts at Acton Mainline, plus an additional TXM lift by the Level Crossing compound at Plassers. I've added my other sightings to the site.

Thanks for your help


Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell

Thank you Chris


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