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OTP eurostar depot Stratford.

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anthony barton

Does anybody know what his vehicle is? it appears to be a road-rail vehicle, off track at the time of sighting.

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Paul Cheesemore

"RBL-030-1200" 6w BE b.2007 Sculfort (Zac des fonds St Jaques, Feignies, France)


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Ben Williams Editor

This sounds like a shunter not plant?

Ted Knotwell

Ted Knotwell

Yes it is a shunter and its been out of use for some years and dumped in the yard.

It was replaced by a Niteq battery loco. An 08 shunter was also used here.

Ted Knotwell

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anthony barton

Hi, would anybody know if there is an allocation/fleet list for these vehicles operating in the UK? thanks.

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There's one in 17EL (existing locomotives) published by the Industrial Railway Society. They also provide updates for members of their society.

The uklocos.com website may also have some, probably all, of these.


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