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Quattro Brownhills Query

John Dicks

John Dicks

I visited Quattro Plant at Brownhills on 18/01/2014. At the top of the yard I noted 911042-3, the machine being bereft of a fleet number. The nearest machine to it is 911042-8, FR653 but I doubt that is correct. In a cordoned off compound was a heavily dismantled machine. I saw the fleet number of 102 and noted "Galeo" on the front. However on the side it identified itself as a Komatsu PC128. Has anyone got any suggestions for these two machines?

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Ben Williams Editor

I think the dismantled machine is 536 / 911174 9


not sure what your other query may have been. Don't suppose you noticed what type of machine?

I may have chance to look at the weekend.

John Dicks

John Dicks


Thanks for your reply. Any further help you can give would be appreciated.

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Hi Ben, I can confirm 536, not sure about the other. Will let you know if I turn up anything



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