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Mark J Moran

Mark J Moran

Noted from passing 221123 was DR98905+DR98955, plus one other MPV (parked next to 905+955) and also a Stoneblower. Does anyone know what the other MPV and Stoneblower were?

Many thanks in advance


Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings

Hi Mark the two snow blowers would have been 968500 and 968501,which are always parked at slateford.

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

Are we talking stoneblowers or snowblowers?!

Mark J Moran

Mark J Moran

Stoneblower! :)

From a process of elimination from previous sightings and recorded TRUST movements I believe the Stoneblower to DR80215 and the MPV DR98912 + DR98962, but if anyone can confirm that would be appreciated.



Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

STONEBLOWER could have been 80213 as this was at Rutherglen on the 3rd Oct. Sorry cant help any further as Edinburgh is of my beat

Alex Betteney avatar

Alex Betteney

MPV 98905/955 is normally based out of York Holgate!

Mark J Moran

Mark J Moran

Cheers guys.

DR80213 was on Rutherglen (it didn't move from the same spot, Glasgow end of the depot) everyday 3rd-7th October.

DR80215 was last reported (on this site) at Stirling. The day after it had a schedule in TRUST to move to Slateford. Couldn't find a schedule for it to move since then and my (partly obscured by vegetation) photo from a passing train shows DR8021x. Grrr!

Re DR98905/955. Went past Slateford on the 6th Oct and there were two MPVs visible (side by side). I was 85% certain the front one was DR98905 (with the naked eye). Went past again on the 7th and took some photos (trying to get the numbers). Only one MPV was present and I can read off DR98905 from the photo. I think they tend to move around more this time of year than any other, what with RHTT duties. Last week TOPS showed DR98905/955 as being at Mossend!



Jim Gillies

Jim Gillies

Mark some good & some bad news as follows.

There was a working on 29th September from Wigan TMD behind 66111 to Mossend. The consist, for the RHTT season up here in Scotland,

was as follows.

DR 98905 + DR 98955

DR 98907 + DR 98957

DR 98910 + DR 98960

DR 98911 + DR 98961

DR 98912 + DR 98962

These work of Mossend & Slateford. Which ones went where I have no knowledge.

What I do know that it is a long shift that they do.

The one that passes by me, Glasgow South Side on the Glasgow & South Western (G&SW), leaves Slateford at 1950 and back to Slateford at 0852

Another Slateford turn is 0005 and returns 1159.

Mossend Turns

Mossend 0217 - Nielston 0619 - Airdrie 1208 - 1211- Mossend 1715

Mossend 0202 - Girvan 1040 - 1111 - Mossend 1351

Sorry will have to leave this thread for the moment as Granddaughter to pick up

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