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Unknown crane at Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway?

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

There appears to be a rail crane and jib runner wagon that have arrived at the Northamptonshire Ironstone Railway recently, but I can't seem to match it to anything. The NIR website hints at it being a steam crane, but doesn't give any more details (the website is seldom updated with that kind of thing). The cab of the crane is possibly grey, but most of it is covered in a black tarpaulin. The base of the crane is black, with a red bufferbeam. The crane's jib is black with a white end, and unusually from what I can see, doesn't taper downwards at the end like most crane jibs. The support wagon is a rusty brown colour, with the actual jib support being red. It appears to have what could possibly be a builder's plate on the side, and a spoked handbrake wheel at at least one end. Does anyone know what this crane and wagon might be please, or might have heard of any cranes on the move recently? I do have a couple of pics from the other side of the fence in the middle distance should anyone require seeing them.

I've got to visit again soon when they're open as I need 2 industrials here, so might be able to get a closer look then if I'm still none-the-wiser by then!


Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Trying to find 'steam crane' on various photo sites, I've luckily come across this:


It seems that it's crane 12394 from the NLR, now rebuilt back up with jib, and the runner wagon is ex GUV! Since that photo was taken, the remaining bodywork has been painted black and red - I had no idea it was even part of the same vehicle! Unusual!

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Would it be possible for this crane to be added to the site please? It's very similar to other Rodley dock cranes already on site.

More info can be found here:


Johnny Laing avatar

Johnny Laing

They're open again now and I'm not too far away so I'll try to get some clear photos for the site

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

I saw this crane today close up but couldn't see any numbers on it... it does have tarpaulin over the mechanics though.

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