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OTPgen is a companion mailing list/"gen group" to this website. It has been running since 2000, and members can send sightings of on-track machines, road-railers and trailers. It can also be used to ask about unidentified machines, discuss the latest news, and anything else OTP-related.

You will need a free yahoo account to join - more details can be found at the OTPgen page.

Once you're a member you can share your sightings reports etc by emailing otpgen@yahoogroups.com

You can also choose how many emails you receive from other members....

Individual Email - you receive a copy of every single email sent to the group;

Digest - you receive a single email containing the last 25 messages/or messages in the last 24hrs;

Web Only - ideal if you don't fancy the idea of your inbox filling up with emails - you receive no emails, but can read messages online in the OTPgen message archive. You can still share your sightings with the group.

We have also built a "report generator" at this page. It takes your most recent submitted sightings and compiles a report that you can send to OTPgen (to save you typing it all up!).

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