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Are Wickham trailers listed?

Dan Adkins

Dan Adkins

Are Wickham trailers listed on this site, or just those that were ex trolleys? At the Mountsorrel & Rothley Community Centre they have a Wickham type 17 trailer which I can't find on this site, given the running number 7595T. It uses an original, early type 17 trailer frame from the South Tynedale Railway, with later wheels from a trolley frame at the K&WVR, so that it matches their Type 17 trolley. Is this listed on the site anywhere please, or is it suitable for inclusion?

Ben Williams avatar

Ben Williams Editor

I think the only Wickham trailers listed here are ones that are dismantled trolleys or the larger purpose-built Wickham trailers.

Brian Cuttell

Brian Cuttell

Some of the ex-Army Wickham trolleys had their own trailers. I saw one numbered T9022 at Beverley Army Museum with ARMY 9035 in September 1989. ARMY 9024 was said to have come with a trailer when it came to Peak Rail for attention a few years ago from Chinnor and a trailer is visible at Chinnor on one of the photos on the website.

Ex-Industrial Wickham 9688 at Peak Rail also has its own trailer although this has been loaned out to Waterman Railway Trust at Rowsley in recent times for use as a flat wagon.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

The lists do not appear to be directly linked from the menus for Wickham trolleys or Trailers accessed through lists on the top bar. If you know the number of one you can click on lists through its details page.

Perhaps a tweak is needed to the website to make them easier to find.

Jonathan Flood avatar

Jonathan Flood

I’ve been working on a conclusive list of all surviving Wickham railway vehicles, which includes all actual Wickham trailers & also all Wickham DsmT’s as well.

Please feel free to contact me Dan.

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