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Balfour Beatty RRV Trailer - Help Please!!

Russell Lacey

Russell Lacey

I am looking for details on Balfour Beatty RRV Trailers from the 2002-2005 era. I have sourced one to work with RRV Atlas 1404ZW based at the Chinnor railway but I need help with a couple of missing parts from the brake system. Technical diagramms and instructions also helpful. The details I have are pretty scant, 'plant number XTW2109' from the side of it.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks

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Vince Website editor

This sounds like a Wickham 4T trailer.

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Can't help with your request, but there are several die-hard Wickham fans on the forum who may be able to help, and think the Rail Trolley Trust has the other trailer like this at the Nene Valley. Will try and pass on your request.

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Jonathan Flood

If it is XTW2109 then it is Wickham Works No. 10848 of 1975. This is a Wickham Special 4 Ton 19' Trailer built to work with Wickham Type 18 Mk VI Trolleys. Originally numbered DX68079. Also numbered 041001-7.

Last seen at Balfour Beatty Sandiacre circa Feb 2014.

The Rail Trolley Trust own the last example ever built - Works No. 10850. They have been modified since they were first built and no paperwork exists for them, either as originally built or as modified.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

As both XTW2109 Wkm 10848 1975 DB966040 DX68079 and XTW2124 Wkm 10850 DB966042 DX68076 still exist should they be included when Lists, Wickham Trollesy, Categorised Lists, Purpose Built Trailer are clicked.

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