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Private Site - Horsted Keynes / nr Horsted Keynes / East Sussex

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

A few contributors clearly visited the location in East Sussex, not many miles from Horsted Keynes (which is in West Sussex) where several trolleys / trailers associated with the Bluebell Railway have been located. A strict condition of any visit was that the location should not be made public. Thus, very important that anyone who did visit does not submit a sighting giving the precise location.

As far as I'm aware four tolleys / trailers have spent time there. These being:-

Sylvester Type 21-E - 14384 -

Wickham Type 17 5xx/193x -"7581" -

Wickham Type 17A 6967/1954 - DE900855 -

Wickham Type 17A 7581/ 1956 - DE320484/DB965066 -

These four are amongst the least reported trolleys/trailers so sightings are particular useful in keeping tabs on where they now are or have been previously located.

It is likely none of the four are now at this private site. The only one not having been reported as moving elsewhere is the Type 17A 7581/1956 - DB965066. Can anyone give an update as to its current location? Worth also mentioning that its hasn't carried its builders plate since c1979-1982 when rebuilt as a trailer. Subsequently the plate was carried by Type 17 5xx/193x - "7581" but that no longer carries it.

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