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Stoke Grange sidings Wickham

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Greg Hartle

Hi there, there seems to be some miscellaneous items of rolling stock building up just west of Cockshute sidings which I call Grange sidings... Not so long back it was a location to find Keltbray electification RR's parked up, but I was suprised to find when heading past on the train a red Wickham trolley, plus a graffitied Class 483 carriage ( I think one half of 483002 from Wishaw), an EWS liveried GUV, Virgin liveried Mk2 6141 and a few 12t vans... Does anyone have any information on this new storage location and of course which Wickham it would be please? Much appreciated thankyou.. Greg

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Vince Website editor

It's now being used by Reid as a storage yard.

Wickham is same one which features in this photo

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Central Rail Systems Alliance used to lease the site until July last year when the lease expired. Suspect it has been retendered and Reid have brought it.

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Greg Hartle

Ahh I see thanks guys! So it's currently a mystery as the ID of the Wickham then... I shall look out for further info. The Class 483 carriage is 229 from 483009 btw..

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Ben Williams Editor

As per Jonathan's comment under the photo above - the Wickham is a replica built on a trailer chassis by Graham Marsh:

“Wickham Type 18” style personnel trailer built by Marsh Trackworks. Owned by The Rail Trolley Trust.

Geismar EGO5 Trolley & Trailer owned by The Rail Trolley Trust. Recently moved from the Chasewater Railway.

All of these are in short term storage at Reid’s pending various other moves of vehicles for the Trust."

Ego 5 and trailer are on the Chasewater page - 901028 and 011390.

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Greg Hartle

Ahh right cheers Ben! I hadn't realised there were comments under the photo sorry... So the Wickham will not be on this website then being a replica..

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Jonathan Flood

This Trailer moved to the Tanat Valley Light Railway, yesterday - 28th October 2023.

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Question for Jonathan, or anyone else who has examined this trailer carefully. Is as implied the chassis actually of Wickham origins? I ask this as going back in time, three Wickam Trolleys were located at the Ian Jolly site at Rhydmwyn, near Mold. These were:-

Wkm 4132/1947 – Type 17A – PWM2215 / B147W – TR27

Wkm 7574/1956 – Type 17A – DE320477 / DB965051

Wkm 8196/1958 – Type 27 – 9036

Graham Marsh told me many years ago, if I remember correctly, that when he acquired 8196 he also acquired various bits of other trolleys. It is known that these bits included the remains of 7574 which he converted into a trailer which is now, as far as I'm aware, still at Ribblesdale Works, although not reported since 2018. If the frames of this trailer are of Wickham origin, could it be that they are from 4132?

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