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Wickham Type 27 Trolleys at the Mid Hants Railway

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

As far as I'm aware only three Wickham Type 27 trolleys have ever been based at the Mid Hants Railway

PWM3763/B2W, DS3319, PWM5647 - https://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/wickham-06642 - now scrapped

PWM4312/B51W, TR22, 68059 - https://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/68059 - now reduced to DsmT

9023 - https://www.ontrackplant.com/otp/9023 - now at Colne Valley Railway

Photographs of them on the Mid Hants Railway are rare, however pictures of PWM5647 and 68059 have recently been added. Please add any others you might have.

A record for PWM5647 has only recently been added, please add any sightings of this you may have made at the Mid Hants Railway or elsewhere if you haven't done already.

As far as I'm aware PWM5647 was first preserved at the Dowty Preservation Society, Ashchurch c1974-1977 before moving to the Mid Hants. Pictures or sightings confirming this would be very much welcomed.

As some of you will be aware Steam '75 lists PWM5647 (as DS3319) under Dean Forest Railway. Also, the 3rd Edition of the Dean Forest Railway Guide & Stockbook, published c1982 lists it as a trailer. It is presumed that these are errors but perhaps it was at the Dean Forest for a period in the mid 1970's. Anyone know?