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Discussion Forum

Recent Comments

  • Jim Gillies

    Jim Gillies

    976117 The 1st NR NavaraRail to touch down in Scotland

  • Jarrod Barker

    Jarrod Barker

    Why wouldn’t you add a sighting whilst uploading a photo. Can one not be linked to the other. I use the daily sightings log that highlight the machines I haven’t seen, when a sighting has been posted. In the past, if I’m in the vicinity of a sighting that I need, then I go and see it. I will also now need to check uploaded photos as well.

  • Dennis Graham avatar

    Dennis Graham

    Still has check digit 1 on data panel & vehicle number on side of machine!

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Maybe the photographer didn’t add a sighting? It happens.

  • Jarrod Barker

    Jarrod Barker

    So I am confused here. A photo has been uploaded showing this machine at Britton on the 26th of this month. The last logged sighting of this machine was in November 2021. Why isn’t there a sighting entry at Bitton for the 26/1/22, is there an error with the site?

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