August / September News

17th September 2006 - thanks to Stuart Taylor for the photo. Vince for this article

August / September News

Another few months have gone by - quite a lot has happened this time!

New machines

New multi-purpose stoneblower 80302 arrived at Liverpool docks at the beginning of August. It moved to the East Lancashire Railway for testing. It's build number is 153250.

76601, a new Plasser RM90RT Ballast Cleaner for SECO Rail arrived at the start of September. It has moved to South Wales for testing.

Towards the end of August, First Sweitelsky took delivery of one of their new cranes. It moved to Rutherglen by road. It is not yet known if this is 81622 or 81623..


98211 can now be found at the Kent & East Sussex Railway; moving there in July.

Wickham trolley 68053 has moved to Wishaw.

At the end of June, Carillion crane 81530 moved from Crewe OTPD to the Llangollen Railway. It just escaped the cutter's torch...


Carillion are quickly getting rid of their fleet. 73252, 73253, 73258, 73260, 73262, 73264, 73319, 73801, 77400, 77403, 81524 and 81531 have all joined 81526 at Booth's in Rotherham for scrapping.

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  • Phil Scott

    Phil Scott

    To add to the preservation news; DR 73241 is now at the Cambrian Railways Trust at Llyclys.