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26th January 2006 - thanks to Peter Hall, Mick Cottam, Mike Anderson for this article

The website now includes all CWR intermediate and clamping wagons, so please feel free to report them as and when you see them. The majority of them are in active service, but several vehicles are stored at various locations throughout the country.

Intermediate Wagons - Storage Locations

979000, 979003, 979004, 979024, 979070 are at Castleton.

979001, 979002, 979005, 979006, 979028 are at Thornaby C&W - January 2006.

979007, 979008 are at York OTPD.

979051 is at Tavistock Junction, Plymouth.

979073 was cut up at Doncaster during 2002.

979127 (with gantry 89115) at Doncaster Wabtec, after a period at Ruddington.

A lot of these were last noted during 2004 unless stated, so any updates are welcome.

Other CWR storage locations

Storage locations for chute wagons, gantry wagons, gantries and power wagons can be found on the CWR sightings pages.

Other CWR wagons

For the time being, other wagons used for CWR (such as WH Davis flats with CWR modules on) will not be included on the site.

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  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    979051 has been confirmed as "still present" at Tavistock Junction.

  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    The following CWR vehicles are currently at Tees C&W depot for re-engineering. It is not yet known if they will continue to be used for CWR, or something else..

    979002, 979004, 979005, 979006, 979018, 979019, 979022, 979025, 979026, 979027, 979028, 979034, 979069 and clamping wagon 979429 (ex 979029).