On-Track Machine Departures - early 2019

8 May 2019

In the last few months, a number of older surplus machines have left the country for Europe.

Network Rail ballast cleaning system

During March 2018, Network Rail announced they were disposing of some surplus ballast cleaning vehicles. Almost a year later, the vehicles in question left the country in two batches, via Dollands Moor, destined for Swietelsky in Austria.

The first batch moved to Dollands Moor from March Whitemoor on 19th February. This included the two RM90RT ballast cleaners, power wagon and several MFS wagons.

This was followed by the second batch on 26th February. This included the three VM80 vacuum extraction vehicles and the remaining MFS wagons.

For those interested, numbers & consists of the exported vehicles can be found in the discussion forum.

Speno Rail Grinder

Having being in the UK for over 17 years, the Speno RPS32-2 Plain Line Rail Grinder (DR79221-79226) left for Europe on 7th May, after a brief period of storage at Eastleigh Works.

Edit 28th May - this was a little premature as this set has not yet left the UK - it returned to Tonbridge on 16th May - but has subsequently returned to Dollands Moor on 27th.


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