Export Roundup - Winter 2008

10 December 2008

Export Roundup - Winter 2008

77314 and 76320

It's been a busy few months on thew news front. Scrappings, machines into preservation, new arrivals and now more exports.

A boatload of Plassers

A ship is due leave Hull on Thursday 11th December. The destination is believed to be Saudi Arabia. Machines on the boat include the following Plasser machines:

Two RM74 ballast cleaners - 76306 and 76320;

One USP5000C - 77314;

One 07-275 tamper - 73306;

Two TRAMMs - 98202 from Newport and 98221 from Hitchin.

Mention has also been made of a dynamic track stabiliser but it is not yet known which one. Possibly 72203, 72209 or the DTS32N wagon stored at Reading.

Not on the boat

The unique Harsco Track Renewal Train 78901 went to Italy via the Channel Tunnel during October.


Fastline's 73501 is apparently due to go to Italy. It hasn't been seen since September and has been removed from TOPS - this could indicate that it has already gone. If anyone can confirm?...



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    Ben Williams Editor

    The DTS has been confirmed as 72204. Thanks to RI magazine which also confirms 78901 actually went to Czech Republic but is owned by an Italian company.

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