Former APC Track Services fleet

3rd February 2002 - thanks to Peter Hall for this article

This list shows all road-railers formerly part of the APC fleet. The company has ceased trading, and most of the plant sold to other companies.

Some machines still carry their former APC number, so the list will be useful if you recorded an old number.

Old APC fleet number Road number Type Build number New owner
A100 R656 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 S 44426 Hydrex RSD
A101 Atlas 1304KZW 138 S 45242 Hydrex RSD
A102 R658 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 S 41891 Hydrex RSD
A104 R653 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301284 Hydrex RSD
A105 R652 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301287 Hydrex RSD
A106 R651 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301289 Lindsay Plant
A107 R657 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301292 Lindsay Plant
A108 R655 GGD Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301302 Hydrex RSD
A109 R660 GGD Atlas 1604KZW 167 Z 301318 Hydrex RSD
A110 R659 GGD Atlas 1604KZW 167 Z 301319 Lindsay Plant
A111 R954 KGB Atlas 1604KZW 167 Z 301348 Hydrex RSD
A112 R241 KGB Atlas 1604KZW 167 Z 301353 Quattro Plant
A113 R951 KGE Atlas 1304KZW 138 Z 301318 Quattro Plant
A200 Colmar T4300FS 6523 Hydrex RSD
A201 Colmar T4300FS 6548 Hydrex RSD
A202 R765 JHS Colmar T4300FS 6562 Hydrex RSD
A203 Colmar T4300FS 6563 Hydrex RSD
A204 Colmar T4300FS 6589 Hydrex RSD
A205 Colmar T4300FS 6590 Hydrex RSD
A206 S324 JGA Colmar T4300FS 6591 Hydrex RSD
A207 S323 JGA Colmar T4300FS 6592 Hydrex RSD
A208 S325 JGA Colmar T4300FS 6608 Jarvis Rail
A209 S326 JGA Colmar T4300FS 6609 Jarvis Rail
A210 S327 JGA Colmar T4300FS 6610 Jarvis Rail
A300 Rexquote / Thwaites Dumper 1172 Hydrex RSD
A301 Rexquote / Thwaites Access Platform 1162 Hydrex RSD
A302 Rexquote / Thwaites Dumper 1175 Hydrex RSD
A500 R578 LSC Rexquote / Murubeni Komatsu 410 1186 Hydrex RSD
A501 Rexquote / Marubeni Komatsu 410 1209 Hydrex RSD
A502 Rexquote / Marubeni Komatsu 410 1215 Hydrex RSD
A600 Liebherr A900ZW 613 4666 Hydrex RSD
A601 Liebherr A900ZW 613 4670 Hydrex RSD
A602 Liebherr A900ZW 613 4682 Hydrex RSD
A603 Liebherr A900ZW 613 4703 Hydrex RSD



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