Longhoughton Developments

24th November 2007 - thanks to Dave Shell for this article

Longhoughton is becoming quite the Permaquip hotspot lately. Three more arrived in the middle of November...

Personel Carriers 68805, 68806 and Canopy Trolley 98707, formerly found at Wirksworth can now be found at the Longhoughton site...



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  • Dave Shell

    Dave Shell

    The search facility is quite useful for finding what is where ;) Or you can visit the following websites > http://www.northumbria-rail.co.uk/ & http://www.daveshell.fotopic.net/

    There are now 3 PCTs, 2 PPCs and a Matisa trolley in the way of OTP on site, along with a Atlas 1302D and a 12t hand crane. There are also a couple of Ruston shunters, 2 mk 2s, a mk 1 and a ballast hopper.

  • Dave Shell

    Dave Shell

    The equipment is gradually being restored and returned to use. We (Northumbria Rail) are heavily involved in the Aln Valley Railway project, and the OTP will see use in the construction phases

  • Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    Dave Shell - Northumbria Rail Ltd.

    The above stock has now been joined by two ex Balfour Beatty Koef II shunters, and in the next few weeks it is hoped to move PCT DX98710 and HCT 022 to the site. For news on the On Track Plant on site please view http://www.otppg.org.uk/