Machine Update (April)

24th April 2005 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Charlie Cross, Pete Winch, Ben Williams for this article

Machine Update (April)

A quick round up of recent (and not-so-recent) happenings..

New Machines

One new Stoneblower (80217) has arrived at Liverpool docks since the last update. As with the previous arrivals, it moved straight to the East Lancashire Railway for trials. It's build number is 153220.

Two new Plasser & Theurer 08-16/4x4C100-RT Tamper have recently arrived for Balfour Beatty. 73944 arrived via the tunnel on the 9th of February, with 73945 arriving a week later on the 16th.

The Matisa P95 Track Renewals Train (78801, 78811, 78821 and 78831) arrived at Wembley at the beginning of March, and were moved to Margam for testing.

The P95 at Wembley on arrival

At the end of April, 75406 arrived in the country for SECO-Rail. A Matisa B41UE tamper, the machine moved to Whatley for testing and training.

Four Windhoff MPV vehicles have recently been delivered to Dollands Moor for use on the CTRL - 97011, 97012, 97013 and 97014.


98500, formerly owned by Amey and found at Perth, has moved to the Nene Valley Railway during the middle of February.

98500 at the Nene Valley Railway

BP051 and BP052 can now be found at the Caledonian Railway, movement taking place over the summer of 2004.

Two long term residents of Horsham yard have been purchased for preservation. 96101 has moved to the Dean Forest Railway, and 96501 went to the Swanage Railway during April.

96501 and 96101 at Horsham

Long term resident of Ipswich yard, 78208 is to be scrapped at Booths, Rotherham. A complex manoeuvre was required at Ipswich due to poor accessibility. It involved dragging the machine 100yds before lifting and sliding it onto a surface where it could then be loaded onto the lorry! It finally left Ipswich on 23rd April, arrived at Langley Mill on the evening of 24th before being delivered to Booths on the morning of the 25th April.

78208 during sliding



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