Machine Update (Dec.)

2nd December 2004 - thanks to Chas Tallis, Peter Hall, Cromptoneer, Dave Shell, Brian Loughlin for this article

Machine Update (Dec.)

Quite a lot has happened during the last few months!

New Machines

Two new Stoneblowers have arrived at Liverpool docks since the last update. Upon arrival they moved to the East Lancashire Railway for trials. 80215 and 80216 are 153218 and 153219 respectively.

80216 at the East Lancashire Railway

Two new "power wagons" have arrived for Balfour Beattys two NTC machines to replace the bulldozers which are/were used. Numbered 78701 and 78702, further details are not yet known.

Also recently arrived are new machines 78801, 78811, 78821 and 78831. It is not yet known what these machines are!


Matisa Inspection Trolley 68030 (ex First Engineering, at Stranraer) and Permaquip Powered Canopy Trolley 68706 (ex Elec-Track, at Rutherglen) have been purchased by the On-Track Plant Preservation Group. The Permaquip is due to move to the Colne Valley Railway during the first few weeks of December, with the Matisa moving a few weeks later. More information can be found at the OTPPG website -

68706 at Rutherglen

Permaquip Personel Carriers 68809 and 68810, formerly found at Ryde St Johns depot, are now preserved at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Movement occured over the summer.

Steam crane 95000, formerly located at Toton TMD, and then a storage yard in Wishaw for a while, is now with a preservation group in Herefordshire. More details to follow when known!


A mass clearout of machines has occured at Ashford over the summer. 73247, 73249, 73254, 73308, 75101, 79400 and 79401 have all been disposed of. As to whether they have been scrapped or sold for preservation is not yet known. The two trailer units for 98207 and 98209 have also been cut up - the power vehicles survive.

During October, 68802 was disposed of in Northumberland.

During November, 76303 was scrapped on site in Eastleigh yard.

76303 mid scrapping

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