Machine Update (June 2004)

1st June 2004 - thanks to Charlie Cross, Roj Fraser, Ben Williams, Peter Hall, Keith Gunner,Pete Winch for this article

A quick update regarding recent OTP developments.

New Machines

73942 - this was delivered to West Ealing for Amec Spie on March 19th. 16 June update This is #1247 of 2004.

73942 at Ely

76501 is now in the country. This is a Plasser RM900RT Ballast Cleaner, and by all accounts, puts previous models to shame. Stay tuned for more info..

Brand new 76501

The Gart Renewals NTC has been working in March Whitemoor yard since January. This carries no CEPS number per se, instead the machinery is location on wagon KFA-CAIB 95384, and hauled by Caterpillar dozer "963". The build number of the main equipment is 6100930/128570. Another wagon, CAIB 95376 is used to carry the light blue machine when not in use.

Gart Renewals NTC

80213 - this new HTT stoneblower is now in the country, and at the Mid Hants Railway for tests. Up to seven more are due.

79261 and 79271 are 257692 and 257693 respectively.

Others are still unknown!

81611 is now also in the country, arriving at Wembley on June 4th. It is a Kirow KRC1200UK crane. Build details not yet known.

81611 at Bescot
Preservation News

76001 and RU411, ex Balfour Beatty, can now be found at the Midland Railway Centre. Meanwhile, 73389 and the RR tamper, 08CP07 have been scrapped at the MRC.

The MRC OTP collection!

82003, formerly found at the Llangollen Railway has been located - it is now at the Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre / Great Central Railway (North) at Ruddington.

82003 at Ruddington
"International" News

Carillion now have a SNCF built single-unit MPV style vehicle, for use on the CTRL maintanence contract. It is not yet known if it is on hire, or has been sold to Carillion. It carries the number DU 94B 001 URS and is in a yellowy-lime and blue livery.

It has since been established that this machine is owned by Union Railways South, for work on the CTRL.



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