More new arrivals - Summer 2010

13th July 2010

More new arrivals - Summer 2010

73118 and 73947 (photo © Pete Winch)

A lot more new machines have arrived recently...

At the end of May another Network Rail Ballast regulator DR 77907 arrived into the country, noted at Didcot on 21st May and West Ealing by 25th May.

On June 12th we saw another of Network Rail's tamper / liner / DTS machines DR 73117 arrive into the country and by 15th June it had also made it to Plassers in West Ealing.

The first of Balfour Beatty's new Matisa B41UE tampers DR 75408 arrived at the beginning of July noted at Calais on the 1st, Wembley by the 3rd, heading north on the 6th and at Sandiacre by 8th.

Finally on 9th July, Network Rail tamper / liner / DTS DR 73118 and Colas Rail DR 73947 (a new 08-4x4/4S-RT Switch & Crossing Tamper) arrived and were noted heading towards Didcot. By 12th they were expected to have moved to West Ealing too.



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  • Ben Williams avatar

    Ben Williams Editor

    Colas Rail DR 73948 - another new 08-4x4/4S-RT Switch & Crossing Tamper - arrived into the UK on 14th August and moved to West Ealing on 16th. It was noted there yesterday (19th.)

  • LM


    How much longer can the tail wag the dog and NR believe all the old generation 08's need replacing??

  • A N Other Fitter

    A N Other Fitter

    In fairness, the newness has worn off of many of the older generation 08's. There are some very questionable design features of many of them, and because there are so many subtle variations around a theme there is very little commonality within the fleet.

    Take 73502 & 503, very similar machines in terms of capability and output, but very very different cab and panel layouts. They are fitted with the classic Plasser single axle running gear, which means that if they have to transit to site for more than 10 minutes, they rattle the calibration out en route. Other questionable design features include no train brake system- just lorry style spring applied brakes and hydrostatic drive.

    75201/202 are quite good, reliable machines but simply are not up to modern, heavy S&C work. I covered 75202 on the East London Line project, and when it was trying to lift through S&C on concrete bearers, the wheel supports were collapsing down rather than the track going up!

  • LM


    I was thinking more on the lines of the early 08 739xx series.

    All new 08's from now on will have very different features....

  • Simon Warnes

    Simon Warnes

    Will they all be fitted with that DRP thingy like the new 09-3X's and Colas's two new 08x4x4's ?

    IS it a "Data Recording Processor" ???

  • LM


    Correct, DRP, CMS, CWS, Interbus etc etc.

    Plus a tower cab that doesn't have a podium to obscure the RH driver seing the signals...

    But the saturation point is how ballast and subgrade can sit to allow mm acuracy, a series 1, 07 is just as acurate, was good enough for 125mph.......

    Oh, what is a FRM machine? Wont be long till the rm900's are obsolete soon

  • Simon Warnes

    Simon Warnes

    Do you mean a Formation Rehabilitation Machine ???

    Articals I have read all say that a proper formation and ballast bed reduces the amout of tamping needed.

    The PM1000URM is the newest model of FRM I believe see,

    The second page has a overview quite a beast.

    So could a FRM be built to the UK loading gauge etc etc.

  • Bryan Blundell

    Bryan Blundell

    And that depends on getting the bed design level right.

    To low and the tamper still has a lot to do.

  • LM


    Yes, a Formation Rehabilitation Machine, do you want fries with that NR?

    But yes, can (and will) be built to UK load guage.

    The dogs tail is quite powerfull.........