Mystery Linemaster Machine

2nd February 2009 - thanks to Andrew Waldron for this article

We have recently received this photograph but need some help identifying the machine.

Pictured on the Cork-Dublin line (in Ireland) in 1963, the machine appears to be some sort of track recording trolley. Rumour has it that BR acquired some in the 1950s too.

If anyone has any information about the Irish machine or it's BR counterparts, please leave a comment below.




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  • Gray Wilson avatar

    Gray Wilson

    it appears to be some sort of track geometry recording trolley

    any idea of the manufacturer ??

    as Linemaster seems to be the unit name rather than the company that made it

  • Vince /// avatar

    Vince /// Website editor

    It is possible that Linemaster is the manufacturing company. It's not unusual for companies to put their names on their machines!

  • mushroom25


    A track lining machine called "Linemaster" was manufactured by Railway Maintenance Corp in the 1960's. RMC seems to have been bought by Portec in 1975.