TXM Plant announced as new owner of Network Rail (NDS-Plant) / Hydrex

6th November 2012

TXM Plant announced as new owner of Network Rail (NDS-Plant) / Hydrex

new TXM Plant logo/sign

Today it was announced that Network Rail (NDS-Plant) Ltd has been sold to TXM Plant. The announcement ends a year of speculation and uncertainty for the company and the industry as a whole.

In November 2011 Hydrex went into administration and was purchased by Network Rail. At the time, Hydrex was the largest RRV supplier in the country, owning roughly 300 RRVs and employing over 500 staff. Hydrex continued to operate as a new subsidiary company - Network Rail (NDS-Plant) Ltd. This sale ensured that the large fleet of machines could be used on various infrastructure projects over the busy Christmas/New Year period.

With the Christmas/New Year period over, Network Rail announced that it would be selling this new subsidiary.

Today's announcement may come as a surprise to some observers, but in short, various regulatory constraints meant that the company could not be sold to an existing organisation and the fleet/workforce absorbed or reduced.

Links / Press Releases

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Feb 2012 - We’re selling Network Rail (NDS-Plant) Limited, a subsidiary company.

Nov 2012 - Network Rail to complete the sale of heavy plant business.



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  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    For those who missed my post on OTPgen over the weekend, the new TXM Plant logo has started appearing on signs at depots (pictured in above article). I wonder when the first machine will be branded as such!

    Also, a website has appeared with a countdown to full launch - in 5 weeks - txmplant.co.uk.

  • Vince avatar

    Vince Website editor

    Well, it wasn't long since my previous comment - newly refurbished trailer RT250 was noted today sporting the new TXM Plant logo.